Latest Kim Kardashian Booty Pics For 2012!

latest phat booty pic of celeb kim kardasian in 2012

Kim Kardashian is still the most popular big booty celeb and the latest pics of her in 2012 show that her ass is looking as phat as ever! She took an x ray to prove that her ass is real and she hasn’t had butt implants so whatever treatment or workout Kim Kardashian is doing for her booty are paying off!

Curvy Celeb Britney Spears Has a Big Booty

celeb britney spears caught on the beach looking thick and curby with big booty cheeks

Recently we have seen Britney Spears as one of the thick and curvy celebs and we have to pay tribute to her big booty! The evidence is in the pic where we can see Britney’s big butt looks a bit too big for her bikini! Also check out pics of her wearing short skirts that show off her new round ass!

Stacey Dash Has a Big Phat Booty

black celebrity Stacey Dash has a big round phat booty in this pic

Stacey Dash is a celeb that has a big phat booty that has graced the covers of magazines and she is also the sister of Hip Hop mogul Damon Dash and has appeared nude in Playboy.

Stacey Dash is also an actress that is known for having a big ass and you might remember her from the movie “Clueless”. Hope you enjoy these hot pics of Stacey Dash and her big bubble butt!

Celeb Shakira Has A Booty That Don’t Lie

celebs like Shakira are hot because their have a big booty that shakes while they dance

Shakira is a celebrity known for having a big booty and for the her song “My Hips Don’t Lie”. In the video for that song Shakira dances sensually and shakes her hips and ass in rhythm with the music making her popular among those who love celeb booty!

Shakira is originally from Colombia and many people think that she has a big butt and curvy thighs because she is Latina. But, it is a little known fact that Shakira is part Lebanese and that is where many think she got her thick booty genes from!

Vida Guerra is the Original Big Booty Model

vida geurra with tight dress hugging her booty

Vida Guerra is a Cuban-American model who graced the covers of magazines like FHM and Maxim becoming a celebrity due to her big booty. You could say that Vida Guerra is the original big booty celeb model because her ass was on magazine covers long before Kim Kardashian!

You can tell from the pics that Vida Guerra didn’t mind dressing scandalous and showing off her ass-ets. She became popular with celebrity photographers who would use pics of her booty to sell magazines!

Jennifer Lopez Has That Big J-Lo Milf Booty

jennifer lopez needs to maintain her big booty into milf-hood

Jennifer Lopez aka “J-Lo” is the classic big booty celeb and she is now a milf who is still rockin a big butt. although some say her signature booty is disappearing! In some pics you can see her ass has gotten smaller but it looks like she had butt implants, and now it bigger than ever!

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