Hip Hop Celeb Tahiry Jose Big Booty

celeb tahiry jose asscrack pic

Tahiry Jose is a Dominican hottie that has become a reality TV celebrity due to appearing on Love and Hip Hop and also because of her relationship with rapper Joe Budden. Tahiry Jose also got a big ‘ol booty and she has been flaunting that thick ass on the covers of hip hop magazines looking scandalous with her asscrack showing! Check out the Tahiry Jose big booty pics below!

Christina Aguilera With Ass Looking Thick

Christina Aguilera big celeb booty

When Christina Aguilera first became a celebrity with “Genie in a Bottle” she really didn’t have a big booty at all. But just like a genie in a bottle she got thick and her ass got phat! We heard Christina Aguilera was trying to trim down those sexy curves so we thought we would immortalize her as the big booty celeb that she is before it is too late!

Reality TV Celeb Somaya Reece Big Booty

celeb somaya reece phat booty

Somaya Reece is a reality TV celeb from “Love and Hip Hop” where she was on TV trying to look like Nicki Minaj with her fake butt. Somaya Reece is also a wannabe rapper and has been involved with Joe Budden and other rappers because she was a cover model for booty magazines. Her ass looks good in pics but we hear it is not all that in person!

Shantel Jackson aka Miss Jackson Has a Big Booty

shantel jackson aka miss jackson booty pic

Miss Jackson became somewhat famous after being seen with her celebrity fiance Floyd Mayweather in various HBO shows. You know Floyd is only going to wife up a honey who a big booty too! Her real name is Shantel Jackson and she has done some work as a model so you can check out what what Floyd is working with when it comes to his wifey’s ass!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Big Ass

jennifer love hewitt has big ass in skimpy bikini

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a sexy celeb and her big ass has always been a topic of hot conversation! You can see from the pics that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ass changes sizes very often from a curvy bubble butt in a bikini, to a big fat ghetto booty! I don’t care what size JLH’s ass is it looks amazing no matter what!

Latest Kim Kardashian Booty Pics For 2012!

latest phat booty pic of celeb kim kardasian in 2012

Kim Kardashian is still the most popular big booty celeb and the latest pics of her in 2012 show that her ass is looking as phat as ever! She took an x ray to prove that her ass is real and she hasn’t had butt implants so whatever treatment or workout Kim Kardashian is doing for her booty are paying off!