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Kylie Jenner Has a Big Booty Now Too

kyle jenner has a big booty now

Kylie Jenner was not known for her curves and it was other members of the Kardashian clan that had a big booty. But it looks like celebrity debutante Kylie Jenner grew a big ass on her 18th birthday!

kylie jenner ass before and after

There are a few theories on how exactly Kylie Jenner acquired her new booty and they range from Spanx to butt shots. You can compare what Kylie’s booty looks like next to her older sister Kim Kardashian:

kylie jenner ass compared to kim kardashian

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Kim Kardashian Nude Booty Pics Break The Internet

Kim Kardashian Nude Booty Breaks The Internet

Even though everybody has seen Kim Kardashians nude booty so many times in the sex tape, in various magazine shoots, when her bikini disappears in her ass crack, but when she did this nude photoshoot Kim Kardashian did indeed “Break The Internet” because so many photoshops and parodies of the big booty pics started to appear.

Mexican Weathergirl Yanet Garcia Has a Big Booty

Yanet Garcia Mexican Weathergirl Booty

Yanet Garcia is a Mexican Weathergirl that has become a worldwide celebrity simply due to the fact she has a big booty. So, naturally her shapely cheeks would grace this site.

Aside from forecasting the weather, Yanet Garcia likes to take pics of that ass in things like Yoga pants on her Instagram. Here are some of the best pics for you to feast your eyes upon…

Big Booty Amber Rose is Kanye’s Ex Bae

amber rose big booty grabbed by kanye

Amber Rose is the ex-Bae of mega celeb Kanye West, who clearly has a love for big booty because he moved on to Kim Kardashian after he was done with Amber. Check out the pic of Kanye grabbing Amber Rose’s ass for the Paparazzi cameras who cant get enough celebrity booty! Also she is wearing a string bikini on the beach and looking FINE…

Vanity Wonder Had Over 1000 Butt Shots!

vanity wonder over 1000 butt shots

A lot of celebrities have a fake booty. Vanity Wonder became was a stripper that became a celebrity because of her fake butt and went on talk shows where she admits to taking over 1000 shots to make it bigger! As you can tell from the before and after pics – Vanity Wonder really needed those 1000 butt injections!

Phaedra Parks Got Big Donkey Booty

Phaedra Parks big booty with coco on daytime tv

Phaedra Parks is a celeb from the Real Housewives of Atlanta who got what she calls…”A Donkey Booty”. Phaedra has even put out a video called the “Donkey Booty Workout” with her husband Apollo where she teaches other women how to get a big booty like hers in a sexually suggestive workout!