Vanity Wonder Had Over 1000 Butt Shots!

vanity wonder over 1000 butt shots

A lot of celebrities have a fake booty. Vanity Wonder became was a stripper that became a celebrity because of her fake butt and went on talk shows where she admits to taking over 1000 shots to make it bigger! As you can tell from the before and after pics – Vanity Wonder really needed those 1000 butt injections!

Phaedra Parks Got Big Donkey Booty

Phaedra Parks big booty with coco on daytime tv

Phaedra Parks is a celeb from the Real Housewives of Atlanta who got what she calls…”A Donkey Booty”. Phaedra has even put out a video called the “Donkey Booty Workout” with her husband Apollo where she teaches other women how to get a big booty like hers in a sexually suggestive workout!


Kim Kardashian Pregnant Booty Pics

Kim Kardashian pregnant booty pic

When Kim Kardashian became pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby, her once big booty grew to massive proportions. Although Kim got some negative feedback for having a booty that was TOO big, she got love from real ass lovers out there and even took pics of her in a bikini!

Coco’s Big White Celeb Booty May Be Fake

celeb coco austin struts big white booty

Coco Austin is a plastic surgery celeb that has a fake ass and a boob job that her husband Ice-T said belong to him and he even had it written into their marriage contract! Coco has appeared on numerous magazine covers and her big white booty got plenty of air time on her own reality show “Ice Loves Coco”.

Hip Hop Celeb Tahiry Jose Big Booty

celeb tahiry jose asscrack pic

Tahiry Jose is a Dominican hottie that has become a reality TV celebrity due to appearing on Love and Hip Hop and also because of her relationship with rapper Joe Budden. Tahiry Jose also got a big ‘ol booty and she has been flaunting that thick ass on the covers of hip hop magazines looking scandalous with her asscrack showing! Check out the Tahiry Jose big booty pics below!

Christina Aguilera With Ass Looking Thick

Christina Aguilera big celeb booty

When Christina Aguilera first became a celebrity with “Genie in a Bottle” she really didn’t have a big booty at all. But just like a genie in a bottle she got thick and her ass got phat! We heard Christina Aguilera was trying to trim down those sexy curves so we thought we would immortalize her as the big booty celeb that she is before it is too late!